Why Bizmooth?

Have you ever popped in to a new market?
You have encountered new custom, culture, regulation, people, language…
You need to localize everything besides to eliminate a full of to-do list in your hand.
OK, relax. Why don’t we take your stuff and you focus on your business?
Go keep your piggy fat or Buy more time for you.

How We Do

Strategic Advice

Bizmooth is a bilingual team that composes of variety of individuals experiencing working with either Government, Enterprises, or Startups. We can talk and discuss about best strategy for you. Available to support your incorporation as well if needed. 


If you are eager to expand your business in Japan, you need right persons. You unique strategy does not work in the same way as your country. Seriously, you need right partners. We support to find one for you even you are away.

Local Research

Internet makes world smaller. You can, of course, get some information from your smartphone or PC. However, best info you need is not online in English or in your language. We help you to find sufficient data from online/offline.


What We Bring to You

One-Stop Service for startups trying to enter Japan market.


Join us with

three easy steps

Contact and Conversation

You can contact us anytime from POKE US. Let's set a Zoom meeting and know each other. If you are comfortable with us, step forward!

Discuss and Get Inquiry

Time to discuss on what you want how we can help. Based on your situation and needs, we will propose a suitable inquiry for you.

Sign for Contract

You take time to decide if you let us join your journey. No rush. No pressure. Once you decide, let's shake hands and get started. We have been ready to work together.

Do We Get Your Interests?

Keep moving forward! 

We can start from conversation. Do you have any questions or concerns? We are flexible and adjustable to your needs. Let’s see how we can help.


For Program Operator

We are also providing contents of Acceleration program for those who operates programs like government, incubation center, acceleration program, enterprise, and co-working space. If you are interested, please feel free to ask more details from here.